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Faith, Food …and a song!

32293421_10156422999549826_7359899981840384000_nThis year, 2018, marks 40 years since the Peterborough Inter-Faith Council was formed so to honour the occasion a celebration was hosted by the Peterborough Inter-Faith Council and Peterborough City Council and held in Peterborough city centre. Hundreds of people visited Cathedral Square to enjoy the open-air Inter-faith and food festival which took over the cathedral square on Saturday 12th May.  The audience including the Mayor and other dignitaries and guests, alongside Saturday shoppers, were treated to a programme which  included presentations from groups of different faiths, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Sikh and Catholic Christian,  in the form of hymn, readings, song, poetry and dance with the theme of cohesion and unity in addition to sampling food from different countries and cultures.

PLJC were represented by our members Di, Chrissie and Mark and Di’s colleague Phil who volunteered to play guitar for us. As part of our presentation we read a passage on the human family from the siddur . As the smallest group there and low on numbers on the actual day we  decided, at the last minute, to ask our Inter-Faith council friends and guest Rev. Malcolm Weisman OBE to step up and join us on stage to sing a song in Hebrew , ‘(Salaam) Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu’ , which they did amazingly, with some people learning the words from internet lyrics sent to their phones!  It caught the spirit of unity on the day and we had lots of compliments and positive conversations afterwards ….so it was worth the nerves beforehand…I think!

After the faith group contributions there were also performances of Opera, Bhangra and Bollywood dancing as well as a Sufi musical band. The event closed with presentations to the participating faith groups and Di collected three awards on behalf of the community. 20180512_145345

Dr Jaspal Singh, Chair of Peterborough Inter-Faith Council, and looking the part in the uniform of his new role as Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire! said: “We wanted to see as many people as possible from different faiths enjoying the food on offer and hearing about some of the beautiful places of worship that are found throughout the city.”
Certainly many people I spoke to encountered our faith for the first time ‘in real life’. It was a privilege to be part of such a positive celebration and show that although our community is small we can stand alongside other communities as a visible part of our city.

Sadaqa Day in Peterborough


A happy day for Peterborough Liberal Jewish members to share in the Muslim faiths Sadaqa Day ( a day of community good deeds similar to Mitzvah Day) with our Muslim friends, adults and children together, in a series of projects including enrolling new stem cell donors, picking up litter in the local areas and serving tea and cake at Werrington Lodge, a care home for older people including those living with dementia. Building friendships and making a positive change in our city.  Thank you to Toqeer and everyone at Masjid Khadijah Islamic Centre who organised Sadaqa Day.  Both the Jewish and Muslim participants enjoyed working together and said the day went a long way towards fostering community cohesion in the city. Shalom 😊#SadaqaDay2018 #Sadaqa day #mitzvah day

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Tu B’Shevat Tree Planting At Thorpe Hall


On Sunday 28th January PLJC celebrated the festival of Tu B’shevat, the New Year for Trees!
As we did last year, we visited at the Sue Ryder Hospice at Thorpe Hall in Peterborough and there was a good turn out of community members and friends.

The weather was kinder to us this year as we went out into the gardens to watch the planting of the two Magnolias trees we had donated hospice. Our community children did a fantastic job with the planting as we sang Hashkediyah Porachat. 

All the trees were positioned in areas close to the part of the building where they will be visible from  hospice residents rooms and hopefully will bring some pleasure to all who see them.

We then headed back indoors and as it’s traditional to celebrate the festival by eating fruits and nuts, and we were celebrating the event in the afternoon this year, we had asked if some of the members contributions of fruits and nuts were baked in cakes to eat ! So after Vivienne led a brief service from the siddur, with help from our Cheder students with the readings, we enjoyed a delicious selection of cakes and fruits and nuts. Elaine, the hospice chaplain had kindly arranged tea and coffee provided by the hospice and thanked everyone present for contributing to an inclusive and enjoyable afternoon.





Hanukkah Party

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Everyone enjoyed the PLJC Hanukkah Party. All ages took a part in stories, poems, songs, craft activities and dreidel playing…and eating doughnuts, latkes …and chocolate gelt!

It was great to welcome guests and  friends of other faiths from Peterborough to join in with members in lighting the candles together and share in the celebration.  May it always be so.

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Delivering Gifts to PARCA

Thanks to everyone in community who brought gifts on our Mitzvah Day. Happily delivered them to lovely Moez at PARCA who shared his thanks below.

Blessing and blessing received from Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community represented by Di Nicholas and her colleague Vivienne Fleet to donate 4 Bags of gifts for Festive Season Party @ PARCA for 22.12.17 . Thank you . if you would like to donate gifts for children or cash please do contact me on 07877213962. Thank you for all your support to make the Children’s Happy. Stay blessed ‘ True spirit of One Peterborough and One Community’  😊

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Mitzvah Day 2017

Mitzvah Day 2017
On Sunday 19th November PLJC’s  Mitzvah Day event, a ‘Brew and Browse’.  Members brought along new toys and clothes with them which will be donated to Peterborough Asylum and Refugee Community Association ( PARCA ) . In December PARCA have a Childrens Party event and plan to use items donated by our community to give as presents to the refugee families who use their centre so they can enjoy the festive season.  

Inter Faith UN Childrens Service

UN Chidren’s Day Inter-Faith Service 
During Inter Faith week, on Thursday 16th November, PLJC took part in the annual UN Children’s Day service at Peterborough Cathedral. Well done to our young members who recited their readings at the Interfaith service  so beautifully! They did us proud. Vivienne read too and Di finished with the priestly blessing in Hebrew to close our section. Members of the Sikh, Muslim, Hindu and Catholic communities also took part. Once again, a most successful evening when the diverse faith groups of Peterborough came together to celebrate that which we have in common: a love of peace and hope for the future. And as if that wasn’t enough, over £300 was collected for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. 

Sukkot 2017

Sukkot 2017
On Saturday 7th October PLJC had a special Shabbat Sukkot service with our own Sukkah which community members built  on the Friday afternoon in the gardens at the Quaker meeting house. The cheder class took advantage of the fair weather and the beautiful surroundings to hold their class in the sukkah this year where they learnt all about Sukkot, what makes a sukkah, how to shake a lulav and recite the shehechiyanu! Following the service, led by Geoff, everyone enjoyed the open-air Kiddush.   

High Holy Days 2017

Rosh Hashanah
Shanah Tova! We enjoyed a good Rosh Hashanah morning here at PLJC. Thanks to Vivienne for leading the service and Chrissie for giving us a very interesting dvar Torah. Also thanks to all other members who contributed with readings and Benjamin for all his effort to give us the sounding of the shofar!
Afterwards the service we began by sharing in apple and honey dipping to start kiddush., where I think it was universally agreed the Rolandas’s Lithuanian Apple Cheese was the star of the table! 
Yom Kippur Break-the-Fast Supper 2017 
Our very welcome Break-the-Fast communal supper enjoyed by all!