Communal Seder 2019

This year’s communal Seder was held once again at Glapthorn village hall and a record 47 people attended. The Seder service was taken from the latest Liberal Jewish Haggadah and Graham  led us through the confusing mire of dual-numbered pages, accompanied by Janet Berkman who helped us recall the customary traditional songs. Tables were arranged for groups of eight and this made for a much more social occasion for families to sit together, acquaintances renewed, and new friends made. It was also good to see so many children at the event, making quiet and good use of their goody packs and who vied to locate the Afikomen after the meal. Graham and Janet did such a good job that before very long, we were singing Chad Gadya and the service drew to a close. In a short speech Community President, Dennis Guttmann, said he was amazed at the number of people who had taken part. He then went on to thank those who had helped to ensure the event ran faultlessly. Special thanks went to Chrissie who provided just about everything for the customary meal, which was enjoyed by all, as well as to Alex and Will who ably managed waiting-at-table and the inevitable washing-up.

Once again, Elijah failed to materialise, so we continue to wait… Next year in Jerusalem? Next year in peace…