Embracing Diversity for Interfaith Week

On Thursday 24th November, as part of PLJC’s commitment to Interfaith, Vivienne joined speakers from other faith groups, including the Bishop of Peterborough, Sheikh Habib Faisal al-Kaff, a Muslim cleric from Jeddah,Saudi Arabia, and Bernadetta Omondi, chair of the Peterborough Community Group Forum to explore the theme of embracing diversity.
The evening was arranged by The Interfaith Council and Peterborough-based Muslim group, the Futuwwa Initiative. It was good to see the three Abrahamic faiths represented and points of view from each speaker presented in a very cogent manner. The panelists each gave a talk from their perspective around the theme and then there was a Q&A session with audience questions. The motivation behind the event was to break down misconceptions about faiths and unite on the common good that is far more prevalent than any differences. It was also seen as an opportunity to tackle the negativity and hate that seems to be on the rise.
Tokeer, the event organiser, wrote afterwards… “Thank you very much for your contribution to the inter-faith/inter-community event last night. We highly appreciate your attendance and making the event a success that it was… We all very much appreciated what you had to say about the topic and how relevant it was…We hope we can work together on future events and help build even better community relations between people of faith and non-faith.”