High Holy Day Appeal

2017 High Holy Day Appeal Update
The PLJC Council are delighted to announce that thanks to the generosity of our members and visitors over the High Holy Days, we have raised £1032.00 and been able to make the following donations:-

  • To World Jewish Relief £366
  • To the British Shalom Salaam Trust £366
  • To our own community funds £300 

To use the words of Maimonides, you did not harden your heart and you did not withhold your hand from your brothers in need. Please do take a look at the websites of World Jewish Relief and the British Shalom Salaam Trust to find out more about the sterling work that they do.

High Holy Day Appeal 5778 / 2017 
Please donate generously to our High Holy Day Appeal which is to be split 3 ways between PLJC, World Jewish Relief’s disaster fund and the British Shalom Salaam Trust.

World Jewish Relief is the British Jewish community’s international  humanitarian agency. Inspired by Jewish values, they empower people in poverty to live with dignity, self-reliance and hope. They support the world’s poorest Jewish communities, predominantly in Eastern Europe, because kol arayvim zeh la’zeh – all Jews are responsible for one another – but they also work beyond our community, inspired by the Jewish values of caring for the stranger and recognising the dignity and potential of all people.
World Jewish Relief’s disaster fund will be used primarily towards the recent Mexico earthquake, the largest there since 1985. It has killed hundreds of people and left thousands of lives devastated. The recovery effort will take years.  World Jewish Relief has vital experience in responding to natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Not only do they provide emergency relief in the form of shelters and the provision of food and water, but they go beyond that to help people rebuild their lives and their livelihoods through long-term strategies in vocational and agricultural training.
You can find out more about their current programmes through this web page: https://www.worldjewishrelief.org/news

The second of our charities for this year is the British Shalom Salaam Trust (BSST). It is some years since PLJC has supported an Israeli charity so the Council felt it was time to reverse that trend. The BSST is a Jewish charity which supports small-scale, grass roots projects in health, education, anti-poverty and human rights. The common factor for the projects they select for support is that they have to develop opportunities for peace and cooperation. In so doing, the Trust’s work helps to foster positive relations between all communities in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and Golan, and with the rapidly increasing numbers of refugees from Africa and unregistered migrant workers.
Patrons of the BSST include Rabbi Danny Rich, Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah and Rabbi Jeffrey Newman. You can read about the most recent projects supported by the BSST in their latest annual report:  http://www.bsst.org.uk/about-us/annual-reports/

Finally, the third worthy cause for this year’s high Holy Day appeal is our very own Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community. We are not a recognised charity but we are a community of modest means and our current funds obtained from membership fees need to be boosted in order to sustain and develop our community. Simply put, if you want to see a thriving Jewish community in the Peterborough region, we need your support.

If you are a UK tax-payer and can Gift Aid your donation to help WJR claim tax relief, please email for a form.

If you would like to indicate a preference for which charity your donation goes to, please do so otherwise it will be split three ways.
This appeal finishes as it started: please donate generously to fulfil the mitzvot of tzedakah, tikkun olam and tikvah: charity, healing the world and hope.

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