HMD 2019 in Peterborough and Stamford

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On Thursday and Friday HMD services  were held in Peterborough and Stamford with PLJC members taking an active roll.

Johnny  represented the community by reading at the civic service in Peterborough held at St Johns Church in Cathedral Square.

The Stamford service was arranged in conjunction with PLJC and organised by Stamford Town Council.

Graham Berkman of the Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community, said it was important for a variety of reasons that the world remember these shocking events.

“The survivors need to know that others appreciate what they have gone through and that we support them,” he said.

“We also need to learn from the past and while it does not appear to be happening, we have to try and get the message across about the evil that is out there and that genocide is still taking place.

“By commemorating these events hopefully young people can take heed of what’s happened in the past and speak out against it.

“If they can recognise the signs, hopefully they can stand against it and prevent further genocide.”

Our Chair, Chrissie, laid flowers at the memorial

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